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The Industrial Electronics Society is soliciting now the Support to Student Branch Chapters Local Activities 2021.
The deadline for applying is 5 April 2021.
The purpose of the IES-SBCLA program is to support technical activities of an IEEE IES Student Branch Chapter with a grant up to $1,000USD (depending on the activity size).

Guidelines to apply for the SBCLA grant:

  1. The Student Branch Chapter Chair must submit the SBCLA grant request to the Vice President for Membership Activities and Student Branch Coordinator:
    • IES VP for Membership Yousef Ibrahim,
    • IES SBC Coordinator, Wenbin Dai,
  2. The request submitted by the Applicant must contain the following info:
    • Student Branch Chapter’s name
    • Title of the proposed technical activity, date and location
    • Number of people involved in the activity (estimated)
    • Number of IES members/student members involved in the activity (estimated)
    • Proposed arrangements to promote IEEE/IES membership
    • Additional benefit made possible by SBCLA support if granted
    • Names of the new additional student members of your chapter during the last year (which will be confirmed through our database.)
    • Previous SBCLA awarded to your student branch chapter (years and amount, if applicable)
  3. The Vice President for Membership/Student Branch Chapter Coordinator will decide whether the application can be accepted for consideration.
  4. At the end of the event (for student branch chapter received the SBCLA support), a full report (breakdown of how the money has been spent, IES participants and other participants, number of new IES members and student members, Photos of the event’s highlight) must be sent by the applicant to the IES SBC Coordinator/VP for Membership. Some information of this report may be published in IE Magazine and ITeN website.


IEEE Society Grant money must be deposited or transferred to a Chapter via the bank account of the IEEE Section that the Student Branch Chapter belongs to. Funds cannot be transferred to other personal, business, or professional accounts.