The IECON 2022 gala dinner in Brussels was the opportunity to publicly congratulate the talented Students and Young Professionals of the Industrial Electronics Society.

Discover below the IES-SYPA recipients, awarded on October 19th, for their 3-minutes speech presentation about their research work:


Subject – 3 Minutes Speech presentations

Wonho Jung
Fault Diagnosis of Inter-turn Short Circuit in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors with Current Signal Imaging and Semi-Supervised Learning
Oscar Real Moreno
A Quadrant Approach of Camera Calibration Method for Depth Estimation Using a Stereo Vision System
Sibona Fiorella
How to improve human-robot collaborative applications through operation recognition based on human 2D motion
Sébastien Canet
Studio4Education: Model Driven Graphical Programming of IoT applications for Education
Carolina S. Beckmann
Comparison of Modulation Strategies for a Dual Active Bridge Partial Power DC-DC Converter in EV Powertrains.
Hasitha Hewawasam / Gayan Kahandawa
Machine Learning-Based Agoraphilic Navigation Algorithm
Junaid Ahmed Memon
Design and Implementation of Smart Flowmeter for Urban Water Metering
Pietro Emiliani
Black Start and Fault Tolerant Operation of Isolated Matrix Converter for dc Microgrids
Akash Samanta
Rapid Thermal Modeling and Discharge Characterization for Accurate Lithium-ion Battery Core Temperature Estimation
Amr Mostafa
Development of Wireless Power Transfer Workbench for Undergraduate Education
Sugoto Maulik
Synchronization Stability of 3-phase Grid Connected Inverters in Weak Grids
Harindra Sandun Mavikumbure
Anomaly Detection in Critical-Infrastructures using Autoencoders: A Survey
Honghao Lv
Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation for Evaluating Communication Impacts on the Wireless-Network-Controlled Robots
Mahdi Soltani
Comparison of high-power energy storage devices for frequency regulation application (Performance, cost, size, and lifetime)
Daniele Michieletto
Design and Realization of a Synchronous Reluctance Motor with Printed Rotor
Yingxiu Chen
TSN-compatible Industrial Wired/Wireless Multi-protocol Conversion Mechanism and Module
Ao Liu
Performance of Active Power Synchronization Control under Unbalanced Condition
Mwayi Yellewa
Design and Hybrid Impedance Control of a Compliant and Balanced Wrist Rehabilitation Device
Ahmed Samir Abdelmenen Soliman
Robust Artificial NN-based Tracking Control Implementation of Grid-Connected AC-DC Rectifier for DC Microgrids Performance Enhancement
Anindita Golder
Energy Management Systems for Electric Vehicle
Nagamalleswararao Kamarajugadda
7.2 kW Multifunctional and Integrated On-board Electric Vehicle Charger
Nima Tashakor
Parameter Estimation of Battery Integrated Cascaded Converters with Reduced Sensors
Sérgio Filipe Gomes Pereira
Insertion of RFID tags into plastic parts using ultrasonic welding
Shibaji Basu
A Fully Soft-Switched Resonant Based DC-DC Converter using Adder Architecture for Fast EV Battery Charging Applications
Shubhanshu Sharma
Method and System for Measurement of Ground Impedance Under the Shoes for Automatic Terrain Recognition: A Feasibility Study
Zhiwang Feng
Current-Type Power Hardware-in-the-Loop Interface for Black-Start Testing of Grid-Forming Converter
Armin Hadziaganovic
Integration of openSAFETY in OMNeT++
Naki Güler
Passivity Based Control of Four-Switch Buck-Boost DC-DC Converter without Operation Mode Detection
Nour El Islam Boukortt
Photogeneration losses from interface trap density in Passivated Ultrathin CIGS Solar Cell
Prabhat Ranjan Bana
Comparative Assessment of Supervised Learning ANN Controllers for Grid-Connected VSC System
Three-Phase ZPUC-MMC Grid Connected Converter
A Non-Invasive Current Estimator for Integrated Dual-DC Boost Converter Topology
Xiaoyi Xu
Data-driven Adaptive Observer-based Predictive Control for an Inverter with Output LC Filter
Surendra Babu N
Simplified Cluster Balance Control of Cascaded H-Bridge STATCOM under Unbalanced Grid
Minghui Hong
An Algorithm for GPS Spoofing Detection and Positioning Recovery
Pratik Kalkal
An Approach in Selective Harmonic Mitigation Technique for Reduction of Multiple Harmonics with Only Two Switchings Per Quarter
Palla Parasuram Yadav
ATGP based Change Detection in Hyperspectral Images
Vasantthi Madras Ponnuswamy
Transmitter-side controlled series-series compensated wireless charging system without wireless communication for Electric Vehicles
Maryam Sarbanzadeh
A New Five-Level Transformerless Grid-Connected PV Inverter Topology Controlled by Model Predictive
Muaz Khalifa Alradi
Vision-based Inspection of Flare Stacks Operation Using a Visual Serving Controlled Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
Maher Sadok Messaoudi / Mohamed Massaoudi
Classification of Mechanical Faults in Rotating Machines Using SMOTE Method and Deep Neural Networks
Mohammad Ali Hosseinzadeh
A New Multisource Inverter Topology for Electrical Vehicle Applications Controlled by Model Predictive
Renzhi Lu
Reward Shaping-based Double Deep Q-networks for Unmanned Surface Vessel Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance
Hao Wang
An improved multi-objective optimization algorithm for flexible job shop dynamic scheduling problem

Congratulations to them!

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