Journal award paper

Object Shape Error Response using Bayesian 3D Convolutional Neural Networks for Assembly Systems with Compliant Parts

Authors: Sumit Sinha, Pasquale Franciosa and Dariusz Ceglarek from University of Warwick, U.K.
The article contributes to the overall initiative driving zero-defect manufacturing strategy by accelerating the development of in-process quality improvement capabilities, specifically Root Cause Analysis (RCA) of quality (6-sigma) defects in multi-station assembly systems. …

A Data-Driven Approach With Uncertainty Quantification for Predicting Future Capacities and Remaining Useful Life of Lithium-ion Battery

Authors: Kailong Liu; Yunlong Shang; Quan Ouyang; Widanalage Dhammika Widanage
As a key technology to effectively bypass fossil fuels and promote net-zero target around the world, batteries inevitably age with time, losing the capacity to store charge and deliver it efficiently. This directly affects energy system safety …

A Constant Switching Frequency Multiple-Vector-Based Model Predictive Current Control of Five-Phase PMSM With Nonsinusoidal Back EMF

Authors: Cong Xiong, Haiping Xu, Tao Guan, Peng Zhou
Extended Abstract:
Multi-phase motors are becoming popular in high-power propulsion scene, and different control strategies have been adopted to and optimized for them to achieve higher drive performance. Among these the model predictive current control (MPCC) method stands out …

Dynamical Resource Allocation in Edge for Trustable Internet-of-Things Systems: A Reinforcement Learning Method

Authors: Shuiguang Deng, Zhengzhe Xiang, Peng Zhao, Javid Taheri, Honghao Gao, Jianwei Yin, Albert Y. Zomaya
Edge computing (EC) is now emerging as a key paradigm to handle the increasing Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices connected to the edge of the network. By using the services deployed on …

Performance and Reliability Review of 650 V and 900 V Silicon and SiC Devices: MOSFETs, Cascode JFETs and IGBTs

Authors: Jose Ortiz Gonzalez, Ruizhu Wu, Saeed Jahdi, Olayiwola Alatise
Extended Abstract:
The future of power conversion at low-to-medium voltages (around 650 V) poses a very interesting debate. At low voltages (below 100 V), the silicon (Si) MOSFET reigns supreme and at the higher end of the …

Power Routing – A New Paradigm for Maintenance Scheduling

Authors: Marco Liserre, Giampaolo Buticchi, Jose Ignacio Leon, Abraham M. Alcaide, Vivek Raveendran, Youngjong Ko, Markus Andresen, Vito G. Monopoli, Leopoldo Franquelo
Extended Abstract:
Currently, the necessity of efficient and reliable power systems is increasing because of the strict requirements that standards and regulations impose, but still …

Industrial Electronics for Biomedicine: A New Cancer Treatment Using Electroporation

Authors: Oscar Lucia; Hector Sarnago; Tomas Garcia-Sanchez; Lluis M. Mir; Jose M. Burdio
This article reviewed the application of IEs to biomedicine, with an emphasis on the practice’s potential benefits and necessary collaboration between specialist engineers and medical practitioners. The design of high-voltage generators for electroporation …