The industrial Electronics Society (IES) enjoys a well-established and long history of good technical traditions that precedes the establishment of IEEE as we know it today. In addition, IES today produces some of the best technical publications of IEEE. Furthermore, IES has 23 Technical Committees that cover a very wide scope of technical disciplines. However, not all members of IES can afford to regularly join IES international conferences and meetings to enjoy the full richness IES Services.

Our Chapters around the globe are the representatives and conduits of IES for regional technical activities and local membership growth. Therefore, it was very important to devote lots of energy and resources to energize IES chapters and establish new ones.  To achieve those targets, the following strategic plan was established:

  1. Energize the current chapters.
  2. Outreach to IEEE sections where we have enough members to establish new chapters.
  3. Expand in the establishment of students Branch Chapters (SBC) to help and support students wherever they are. This is to increase IES student’s membership and support them wherever they are.
  4. Pay attention to and promote specific affinity groups within IES such as Women in Engineering.

The above strategic activities to bring IES membership to its due size would have needed resources and commitment from our society. The initiative of the “Growth Centre” project (thanks to Prof Xinghuo Yu) has helped in the implementation of our strategic plan.

During the last few years the membership number of our society have surged and hit the 8,000 figure, for the first time, early this year. This was due to the dedicated inputs and collaborative efforts by membership and Growth Centre Team including Prof Lucia Lo Bello for women in Engineering, Prof Kim Fong Tsang the membership champion, Prof Marek Jasinski for Students activities and Prof William Dai for SBC coordination. In addition we have very dedicated committees for Chapters and Membership who generously donate their time and efforts for the benefits of IES members.

Given the history, the strength and the character of our International and caring society, achieving 10,000 members in the near future would be considered as a modest ambition!

The benefits of IES Chapter to its regional members, wherever they are, should not be underestimated given the dedicated support to those Chapters around the globe. We realize that we have nearly 8,000 members and not all of them can attend our international events/meetings. We need to support our members wherever they are. Therefore, if you are in a geographical location with no IES Chapter please contact us for the establishment of your regional Chapter. We are keen to help you achieve this target for your benefits and the benefits of our members in your region.

On the other hand, if you are a member of an IES Chapter which can be further energized, please contact us for planning some activities together. You are not alone. We are here to help you!

Please feel free to contact: IES Vice-President Prof. Yousef Ibrahim (