IEEE IES is full of talents.
Talents show on our webinars, they show on our web site, and in our monthly Newsletters, but they can also show in some other situations.
We invite you to discover a new and talented side of our IES Vice-President for Technical Activities, Prof. Roberto Oboe, who accepted to share with us his Italian secrets on how to prepare a pizza. And he did this like in all engineering projects: with materials, tools, and methods.
But not without a touch of humor.

Pizza image

How this pizza webinar idea came about
IEEE Industrial Electronics Society launched its very first 2 technical webinars in September 2020 to start IES online webinar series.
But to test in advance the GoToWebinar platform adopted by IES webinars, the new ad hoc “Multimedia Committee”, chaired by Prof. Morgan Kiani, has conducted a test run in August.
For this initiative, we had the honor to invite Prof. Roberto Oboe, to give a presentation entitled “How to make a real pizza at home” as the webinar presenter.

In this video, you will learn very interesting tricks from the beginning of his presentation until the Q&A at the end.
Please enjoy this recorded webinar on :

How to Make a Real Pizza at Home:

But, we have to warn you, after watching this video, you’ll never make pizza the same way
(and you might never use pineapple again 😊)…

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