The 8th International Summer School on Industrial Agents: Autonomous Control in Logistics, Production and Energy Applications will take place from 11th to 15th July 2022.

The International Summer School on Industrial Agents, organized by the Helmut Schmidt University, Institute for Automation Technology in Hamburg, brings together leading researchers and PhD students in the field of agent technology. As a PhD student you will have the opportunity to participate in different workshops, get to know like-minded people from an international community and build valuable relationships in your research field.

All participants will have many opportunities to engage in conversations besides the main scientific program, to form new scientific partnerships and relationships and strengthen the network of the industrial agent community as a whole. The Summer School 2022 will be comprised of the following highlights:

  1. Distinguished speakers from the scientific community
  2. Local industry keynotes that highlight the application of agents in industry
  3. A coordinated program of industry visits and practical workshops that fit to the strong logistics industry in Hamburg with its port, aircraft and intra-logistics companies
  4. A lot of time for informal exchange between lecturers and participants and a joint informal dinner


The summer course aims to enhance the participants‘ knowledge in the field of multi-agent systems (MAS) applied to industrial environments, particularly providing hands-on knowledge to develop industrial cyber-physical systems (e.g. production systems, smart grids, etc.).

In particular, the main objectives of the course are:

  • Introduce MAS principles as a suitable paradigm to develop industrial distributed collaborative systems.
  • Provide practical competences in developing MAS applications for industrial automation applications.
  • Deployment of agent-based solutions for industrial environments.

The participants will be able to gain a range of theoretical and practical skills necessary to develop complex, real industrial agent based applications, particularly using these technologies to develop industrial cyber-physical systems.

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