Message from the President

-Terry Martin-

February 21st marks the 70th anniversary of the Industrial Electronics Society!

I would like to say a few words about today’s Industrial Electronics Society. We have just recently surpassed the 9000-member mark which is an all-time high for the society. IES is a very strong society from the standpoint of finances and volunteers. I might also add that IES was one of the first IEEE societies to embrace the world as a technical society, and today our membership truly reflects an international society. We have members from more than 100 countries worldwide. Happy 70th Anniversary IES!

Here are just a few of the more interesting milestones in the history of the Industrial Electronics Society:

IES History

  • February 21, 1951 – First meeting of the IRE (The Institute of Radio Engineers) Industrial Electronics Group in the USA.
  • May 1951 – Name changed to IRE Professional Group on Industrial Electronics (PG-IE)
  • August 1953 – First volume of the Transactions on Professional Group on Industrial Electronics is published
  • August 1963 – When IRE merged with AIEE (The American Institute of Electrical Engineers) and became the Institute of Electrical and Electronical Engineers (IEEE), PG-IE from IRE and Group on Control Instrumentation (GCI) from AIEE’s merged to form the Professional Group on Industrial Electronics and Control Instrumentation (PG-IECI)
  • October 1964 – Name change to Group on Industrial Electronics and Control Instrumentation
  • 1975 – First IECON (Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society) was held in Philadelphia. Until then there had been only a sponsored session at the Industry Applications Society Conference
  • March 1978 – Name change to Industrial Electronics and Control Instrumentation Society
  • June 1982 – Name change to Industrial Electronics Society (IES)

70th anniversary ies logoTerry Martin
IES President

Message from the Vice President for Planning and Development

-Makoto Iwasaki-

Congratulations on the IES 70th Anniversary!

The society is preparing a variety of anniversary events this year:

  • A special anniversary issue at IE Magazine, March 2021, with message from the President, Historical, IES Photo Story, and features articles by the IES 4 TC Clusters
  • Anniversary events at the IES flagship conferences (ISIE2021: Kyoto and IECON2021: Toronto), such as, special lectures/tutorials by TC clusters, WiE (Women in Engineering) and S&YP (Students and Young Professionals) Forums, recognition for veteran IES members, etc.
  • Anniversary ceremony for IES past presidents, with congratulatory addresses
  • 70th Anniversary gifts to IES members

Very unfortunately, due to COVID-19 issues, many events might be carried out in the online manner, but the society looks forward to your aggressive participations. To the IES members who have been 5 or more years (as of September 2020), an anniversary special gift will be directly shipped sequentially from the end of February: you can feel electrical and electronics, global activities, portable with IES conferences… Enjoy!!

Special thanks to the IES officers and AdCom members, for preparing and carrying out the above events. Enjoy 70th Anniversary!

70th anniversary ies logoMakoto Iwasaki
IES Vice President for Planning and Development