Prof. Okyay Kaynak receives prestigious 2020 TÜBA Academy Prize in the presidential palace in Ankara

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Happy 70th Anniversary to IES!

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New IES Technical Committee on Technology Ethics and Society

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Two IES members are among recipients of the IEEE Medal this year

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Two IES Past Presidents were recently included in the IEEE Hall of Honor

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Call for nominations for open Editor-in-chief Positions

The IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IES) invites nominations for the position of Editor-in-Chief and co-Editor-in-Chief for the following journals: IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, and IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine (see ...
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Roberto's pizza

How to make a pizza like a real engineer – by Roberto Oboe

IEEE IES is full of talents. Talents show on our webinars, they show on our web site, and in our monthly Newsletters, but they can also show in some other situations. We invite you to ...
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New JESTIE Special Section on “Advanced Control and Power Electronics Solutions for Hybrid and Meshed Microgrid”

Organized by: Prof. Marco Liserre, Dr. Chandan Kumar, Prof. Dr. Saad Mekhilef Due to various important features such as higher efficiency, reliability, stability and voltage regulation, DC microgrids are attractive options for supplying various DC ...
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IECON2021 logo

IECON 2021 – 47th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society

The IECON 2021 will be held during October 13-16, 2021, at the Sheraton Centre, Toronto, Canada. IECON 2021 is the 47th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IES), focusing on contemporary industry ...
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conference logo

Engineering Applications During COVID-19 Online Conference – A nice example of IES chapters collaboration (Egypt, Guadalajara and Austria)

Industrial Electronics Egypt Chapter, IEEE Industrial Electronics Guadalajara Chapter and IEEE Industrial Electronics Industry Application Power Electronics Austria Joint Chapter jointly organized a conference online on 1st March 2021. The purpose of this conference was ...
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Call for nomination – IES Administrative Committee (AdCom)

Dear Members of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, The Nominations & Appointments Committee of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IES) is calling for nominations for the following positions in the IES Administrative Committee (AdCom):
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Featured Technical Articles

Configuration of force feedback

Remote Control Method With Force Assist Based on Time to Collision for Mobile Robot

Ryo Masaki, Naoki Motoi, Masato Kobayashi Abstract: This paper proposes a remote control method with the force assist to improve the operability of a mobile robot. The force feedback is generated on the basis of the time to collision (TTC) and ...
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voltage gain graph

A Simple Technique for Fundamental Harmonic Approximation Analysis in Parallel and Series-Parallel Resonant Converters

Authors: Akshay Kumar Rathore, Senior member IEEE, and Venkata R Vakacharla, student member IEEE Abstract The Fundamental Harmonic Approximation (FHA) analysis favored engineers by alleviating obstacles in analysis, loss computation, and optimization by reducing complex resonant converter into a mere ...
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Fig.1 Hexverter Topology

A comparative evaluation of modulation strategies for Hexverter-based Modular Multilevel Converters

Hector R. Robles-Campos, Fernando Mancilla-David Extended abstract: Within the last two decades modular multilevel converters topologies have received plenty of research attention given their possibilities to be used in medium and high power levels. The main advantages of multilevel converters ...
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A Vision-Based System for Internal Pipeline Inspection

Claudio Piciarelli, Danilo Avola, Daniele Pannone, Gian Luca Foresti Extended abstract: The regular internal inspection of waterworks or sewer pipelines is a fundamental maintenance task to guarantee the correct functionality of the infrastructure and to prevent incidents. Even if the ...
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Deep Convolutional Transfer Learning Network: A New Method for Intelligent Fault Diagnosis of Machines with Unlabeled Data

Liang Guo, Yaguo Lei, Saibo Xing, Tao Yan, and Naipeng Li Extended abstract: Intelligent fault diagnosis is able to handle massive monitoring data and distinguish health conditions of machines, which has attracted much attention from both researchers and engineers recently ...
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IES President Message

Welcome to the newly designed IEEE IES Industrial Electronics Technology News (ITeN) website!

On this website, you can find the most recent updates on IES upcoming conferences, featured articles from IES journals, as well as latest news about our society.

IES Webinar Series

Massimiliano Pirani photo

Towards explainable AI: Ethics and social responsibility in human-machine symbiosis

Tuesday, 15 June 2021 2:00 PM CET (8:00 AM EST) by Professor Massimiliano Pirani (Marche Polytechnic University, Ancona, Italy) Register now using the link below: Abstract: The IEEE Future Directions and Digital Reality community have established the Symbiotic Autonomous Systems vision where digital and physical reality are destined, in next decades, ...
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Christoph Hackl

Online loss minimization for electrical machines

Wednesday 21 April 2021 at 2:00 PM CET (8:00 AM EST) by Prof. Christoph Michael Hackl (Munich University of Applied Sciences (MUAS), Germany) Register now using the link below: Abstract: Electrical machines consume more than 50% of the globally generated electricity. Hence, advances in research on the ...
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Hady Habib

Planning and operation of grids and microgrids with 100% Renewable Energies

Tuesday 20 April 2021 at 2:00 PM EET (2:00 PM CET, 8:00 AM EST) By Dr. Hady Habib (Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development, Egypt) Register now using the link below: Abstract: Renewable energies in many countries are hitting significant levels and there are many promising situations and ...
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Fast and Precise Motion Control for Industrial Positioning Devices with Strain Wave Gearing

Friday, 19 February 2021 10:00 PM JST (8:00 AM EST, 2:00 PM CET) by Makoto Iwasaki (Nagoya Institute of Technology, JAPAN) Register now using the link below: Abstract: The webinar talk presents a practical motion controller design technique for precision positioning devices including strain wave gearing, e.g. industrial multi-axis ...
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Improving Academic Writing Skills for IEEE Transactions

Tuesday, 16 February 2021 9:00 PM CST (8:00 AM EST, 2:00 PM CET) by Wen Cao (Aston University, IE-13 Chair, UK) Register now using the link below: Abstract: This webinar is targeted junior and early-career researchers who are new to the IEEE Transaction publications. It will deal with the ...
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