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JESTIE Special Section on “Advanced Modeling, Control, Applications and Safety of Energy Storage Systems”

Organized by: Abhisek Ukil, Benfei Wang, Yang Li, Liang Xian Aiming to the sustainable economic development and coping with the climate change and energy crisis, ...

New Women-in-IES Ambassador Program Launched in 2024

By Ya-Jun Pan – Chair of the Women-in-IES Committee At the end of 2023, IES Women in Engineering (WIE) Committee called for applications from worldwide ...

Interview with our Junior Past President, Mariusz Malinowski

As Prof. Malinowski well says, “It's nice to be important, but more important to be nice”. During this interview, we had the chance to get ...

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Join our 1700+ followers and stay up to date with our society news! Created in November 2023, this page shows the latest news about ...

Call for Nominations – 2024 IEEE Industrial Electronics Society Awards (Extended deadline)

25 March 2024 Update The Awards and Honors Committee has extended the deadline for all Society awards to May 1, 2024.  In addition to ...

Three IES Distinguished Lecturers Approved for IEEE Women in Engineering Virtual Distinguished Lecturer Program

By Ya-Jun Pan - Chair of the Women-in-IES Committee In 2023, IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) called for submission of current/past Distinguished Lecturers (DLs) from ...

JESTIE Special Section on “High sustainable electric drives for transportation electrification”

Organized by: Davide Barater, Mauro Di Nardo, Shafigh Nategh and Tianjie Zou Given that nearly 23% of the global CO2 emissions is blamed on the ...

Featured Technical Articles

In-Flight Wireless Charging: A Promising Application-Oriented Charging Technique for Drones

Authors: Kaibo Chen and Zhen Zhang Extended Abstract: Drones, especially the most representative battery-powered multirotor drones, have experienced rapid development in practical niches nowadays. Market data indicates a distinct uptrend in the utilization of industrial drones. This means drones are replacing humans to execute a ...

A Review on Application of Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Microgrids

Authors: Ebrahim Mohammadi, Mojtaba Alizadeh, Mohsen Asgarimoghaddam, Xiaoyu Wang, and Marcelo Godoy Simões Extended Abstract: Fossil fuels with their environmental pollution and low efficiency impact the traditional and conventional power systems. These issues have been supporting a new paradigm of electricity generation locally at the ...

Composite Adaptive Synchronous Control of Dual-Drive Gantry Stage With Load Movement

Authors: Pengwei Shi, Xinghu Yu, Xuebo Yang, Juan J. Rodríguez-Andina, Weichao Sun, Huijun Gao Abstract: In recent years, dual-drive gantry systems have been widely used in precision manufacturing due to their large load and high thrust characteristics. However, the difficulty of controlling the system increases ...

Local demagnetization fault detection in PMASynRM based on finite element modeling and characterisation

Authors: Jérémy Creux, Najla Haje Obeid, Thierry Boileau, Farid Meibody-Tabar Extended abstract: Good overall performances and efficiency of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines (PMSMs) are highly impacted by irreversible demagnetization faults. This paper proposes to analyze the electromagnetic behavior of a faulty Permanent Magnet Assisted Synchronous ...

Distributed Hierarchical Control for Fast Frequency Restoration in VSG-Controlled Islanded Microgrids

Authors: Kuo Feng, Chunhua Liu Abstract: As microgrids develop rapidly, more inverters are adopted to achieve DC/AC or AC/DC/AC conversion of distributed generators (DGs). Replacing the large rotary generators with inverter-based sources results in a lack of inertia in the grid. The virtual synchronous generator ...

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An FPGA-Based IDS Using BNN for CAN Bus Systems

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[S/YP webinar] Electric Vehicle Smart Charging and Infrastructure

Friday 24 May 2024 at 7:00 AM PDT, 10:00 AM EST, 4:00 PM CET By Hani Vahedi (TU Delft, Netherlands), Mohamed ...

Automotive Electrical Machine Design: Improving Iron Loss Modelling in FEA Simulations of E-Machines for Traction Applications

Thursday 23 May 2024 at 4:00 PM CEST, 10:00 AM EST By Rishabh Raj (Volvo Cars, Sweden) and Bernd Cebulski ...

Automotive Electrical Machine Design: NVH Enhancement Method for High-Speed E-Machines in FEA Simulations

Tuesday 28 May 2024 at 4:00 PM CEST, 10:00 AM EST By Tommaso Bertoncello (Volvo Cars, Sweden) and Ved Acharya ...

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Event DateWebinar TitlePresenter(s)
2024-02-05New and Emerging Applications of Dual Active Bridge (DAB) ConvertersRik W. De Doncker, Edivan L. Carvalho and Levy Costa
2024-01-30On Multiverse Recurrent Expansion Method: Application to Electricity Theft Detection in Smart GridsMohamed Benbouzid
2024-01-22Early Failure of Inverter-Fed Machines: Premature Failures of Inverter-Fed Machines: Root Causes and Remedial ActionsAndrea Cavallini
2023-11-24Static and Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer with Wide-Range Output and High EfficiencyZhicong Huang
2023-11-22High-performance Interaction Force Control utilizing Various SensorsSehoon Oh
2023-09-28Advanced Control of Electric Vehicles and Development of Wireless in Wheel MotorsHiroshi Fujimoto
2023-09-21Automatic Code Generation for Industrial Edge Applications Based on IEC 61499 and MTPWenbin William Dai
2023-07-20Past, Present, Future - Overview on IES Standards Development and ActivitiesVictor Huang
2023-07-18Lowering the Barrier to Silicon with Open Source Tools and Tiny TapeoutMatt Venn
2023-05-25Hairpin Windings: Opportunities for E-Motors in TransportationStefano Nuzzo
2023-03-30The Bees Algorithm and Its ApplicationsDuc Truong Pham
2023-03-28Software-Defined Power ElectronicsMatthias Preindl
2023-01-31Supercapacitor ApplicationsNihal Kularatna
2023-01-16Learning for Advanced Motion ControlTom Oomen
2022-11-24RMAS: A Multi Agent Architecture for the Next Industrial Agents' PracticeMassimiliano Pirani
2022-11-18Overview of Voltage Regulator Modules in 48V Bus Based Datacenter Power SystemsHaoyu Wang
2022-09-15Digital Twins and Optimization for Energy Management in Sea PortsMichael Short
2022-09-14Advanced Insulation and Wire Wrap Systems for 800V+ Next Gen E-MotorsBenjamin Gaussens, Martino Bailoni, Shafigh Nategh
2022-07-21Modeling Distributed Control Software with IEC 61499Alois Zoitl
2022-05-18BLDC Motor Control: Hardware Requirements and Design GuidelinesPrabhat Ranjan Tripathi
2022-03-15Multi Objective Multi Constraint Optimization of Electrical MachinesShafigh Nategh, Thioliere Yves
2022-02-23Shade Tolerant Impedance Source PV MicroconvertersHamed Mashinchi
2022-02-22Design Principles of Finite Control Set Model Predictive Control for Power ConvertersNaki Güller
2021-12-14Voltage Stress within PWM Inverter Fed Stator WindingJiabin Wang & Antonio Griffo
2021-12-08Towards intuitive to use and safe robotsPedro Neto & Mohammad Safeea
2021-10-21Impact of High Frequency Switching on Magnetics Davide Barater
2021-10-20Research into Collaborative Robotic Disassembly for Smart RemanufacturingDuc Pham
2021-08-24Case Studies on Control and Informatics for Smart Energy SystemsMichael Short
2021-08-19An Integrated Robust Model Predictive Control Framework for Cyber-Physical SystemsYang Shi
2021-06-29Recent Research Trends in Engineering and Validating Cyber-Physical Energy SystemsThomas I. Strasser & Filip Pröstl Andrén
2021-06-15Towards explainable AI: Ethics and social responsibility in human-machine symbiosisMassimiliano Pirani
2021-04-21Online loss minimization for electrical machinesChristoph Michael Hackl
2021-04-20Planning and operation of grids and microgrids with 100% Renewable EnergiesHady Habib
2021-02-19Fast and Precise Motion Control for Industrial Positioning Devices with Strain Wave GearingMakoto Iwasaki
2021-02-16Improving Academic Writing Skills for IEEE TransactionsWen Cao
2020-12-18Current Control Techniques for Fault-tolerant Polyphase Induction DrivesHang Seng Che & Mahdi Tousizadeh
2020-12-18Standard for hard real time communicationDietmar Bruckner
2020-12-09A Holistic Approach to Battery Modeling and State EstimationBharat Balagopal & Mo-Yuen Chow
2020-09-24Machine Vision TransparencyJoanna Isabelle Olszewska
2020-09-15Topologies, Modeling and Design of Megahertz Wireless Power Transfer SystemsChengbin Ma
2020-08-01How to make a real pizza at homeRoberto Oboe
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