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Advanced Insulation and Wire Wrap Systems for 800V+ Next Gen E-Motors

Wednesday September 14, 2022 at 2:30 PM CEST, 9:30 AM EST By Benjamin Gaussens & Martino Bailoni (DuPont, France) and Shafigh Nategh (Polestar, Sweden)  Register now using the link below: Abstract: As consumer demands and requirements for advanced e-motors increase, there is more and more demand being put on the primary and secondary insulation systems used in these motors. During this webinar, DuPont technical experts and Polestar electric machine designers will introduce challenges and several different insulation methods and materials that can assist designers in making the proper insulation selection for each motor type. These insulation systems, when used to optimize the design of an e-motor, can contribute to benefits such as efficiency, power, durability, sustainability, and most importantly safety to help protect consumers and their passengers.  What attendees will learn: 
  • Challenges in insulation system design for E-motors considering developments in power electronics, cooling systems and fast charging of EVs. 
  • View of the E-Motor design market through the lens of an insulation solutions provider 
  • How Insulation System Materials enhance the value and benefit to E-Motors 
  • Critical Insulation Specifications and their impact on system performance 
  • Case studies on next generation designs that can make an impact 
  • Designing for Tomorrow 
  • ...
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Digital Twins and Optimization for Energy Management in Sea Ports

Thursday September 15, 2022 at 1:00PM BST (2:00 PM CET, 9:00 AM EST) By Michael Short (Teesside University, UK) Register now using the link below: Abstract: With the growing recognition of an impending climate disaster and a scarcity of fossil fuels, decarbonisation, sustainability, and net zero carbon policies are now a major driving force in both the developing and developed world. As digitalisation and decentralisation are also disrupting and transforming approaches to the design and operation of industry, business, and society across the globe, there is a unique chance to redesign and optimize multi-faceted energy consuming systems to support the transition to a sustainable digital future economy and meet decarbonisation goals. Approximately 95% of UK international trade is transported via ports. In recent years, domestic shipping alone (ships that start and end their journey in the UK, including overseas territories and Crown dependencies) accounted for roughly 20% of the UK's total domestic GHG emissions. Among other initiatives for cleaner shipping, it is clear that ports provide a fertile ground for disruptive emissions reducing digital technology, and electrification can potentially contribute significantly to GHG emission reduction and result in cleaner, greener marine communities. In this context, the VIC Ports ongoing ...
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