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Performance Evaluation of LLC-SRC and LCC-T Resonant Tanks in Low-Voltage High-Current applications

Authors: Venkata R. Vakacharla ; Akshay Kumar Rathore Abstract: Current-fed, isolated, dc/dc converters with high gain generating capability are needed for integration of fuel cell/ PV panel to DC micro grid. This manuscript proposes LLC-SRC resonant tank assisted soft-switched current-fed isolated DC-DC converter followed by its performance evaluation and comparison with LCC-T resonant converter counterpart. A LCC-T tank assisted resonant converter offers compact size as compared to quasi resonant converters. But this converter compromises efficiency at lighter loads due to longer charging times of parallel resonant capacitor. To eliminate this drawback, LLC-SRC resonant tank assisted soft-switched current-fed isolated dc/dc converter is proposed, designed and simulated. Proposed theory is verified with simulation results. This paper is presented at 2019 IEEE 28th International Symposium on Industrial Electronics (ISIE) Check full paper at: ...
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