Congratulations to newly elevated IEEE Fellows Class of 2021 from the Industrial Electronics Society! Our society is truly blessed with such talented people. Full details and bios for each new IEEE Fellow will be coming soon in the Industrial Electronics Magazine. Once again congratulations to the new IEEE Fellows.

Terry Martin
IES President


Milos Manic

Virginia Commonwealth University, USA
for contributions to machine learning based cybersecurity for critical infrastructures





Roberto Oboe

University of Padova, Italy
for contributions to remote motion control systems





Leila Parsa

University of California, Santa Cruz, USA
for contributions to control of multi-phase permanent magnet motor drives





Akshay Rathore

Concordia University, Canada
for contributions to the design and advancement of power electronics for drives and automotive industries





Jinhua She

Tokyo University of Technology, Japan
for contributions to intelligent control of complex metallurgical processes





Hiralal Suryawanshi

Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, India
for contributions to converters for renewable energy systems, drives, and electrical machines





Sergio Vazquez

University of Seville, Spain
for contributions to control techniques for power converters and drives





Dong Yue

Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China
for contributions to network-based control and its applications to power systems