During last IES AdCom meeting, new IES standing committee members for the year 2022 have been approved. The standing committees of IES play key roles in IES daily activities for its over 10,000 members. The following standing committee chairs have been appointed:

Awards and Honors Committee
Hiromasa Haneda –  Awards and Honors Committee Chair

Chapter & Joint Chapter Program
Yousef Ibrahim – Vice-President for Membership Activities – Chair

Conferences Committee
Yang Shi – Vice-President for Conference Activities – Chair
Huijun Gao – Vice-President for Workshop Activities – Co-Chair

Constitution and Bylaws Committee
Lucia Lo Bello – Secretary – Chair

Fellow Evaluation Committee
Makoto Iwasaki – Fellow Evaluation Committee Chair

Finance Committee
Aleksander Malinowski – Treasurer – Chair

Membership Development Committee
Yousef Ibrahim – Vice-President for Membership Activities – Chair

Nomination & Appointment Committee
Terry Martin – Junior Past President – Chair

Planning & Development Committee
Stoyan Nihtianov – Vice-President for Planning & Development – Chair

Publications Committee
Thilo Sauter – Vice-President for Publications – Chair

Technical Activities Committee
Valeriy Vyatkin – Vice-President for Technical Activities – Chair

Web and Information Committee
Daswin de Silva – Web and Information Committee Chair

Distinguished Lecturer Program
Dave Irwin – Distinguished Lecturer Program Chair

Fellow Nomination Advisory Committee
Mo-yuen Chow – Fellow Nomination Advisory Committee Chair

Industrial Activities Committee
Stamatis Karnouskos – Vice-President for Industrial Activities – Chair

Multimedia Committee
Morgan Kiani – Multimedia Committee Chair

Senior and Life AdCom Member Committee
Troy Nagle ‐ Senior and Life AdCom Member Committee Chair

For the exhaustive list, please read: http://www.ieee-ies.org/members/standing-committees