The 2024 Battery Safety Workshop will be held on 5-6 August 2024, in Columbia South Carolina, USA.

Workshop Mission 

With the wide application of batteries in our current mobile society, the safety issues of batteries have become one of the top concerns. Emerging in-situ/operando characterizations, advanced experimental approaches, and modeling methodologies have been proposed to enhance understanding of the fundamental science of battery safety behaviors and provide powerful design tools for the next-generation safe battery.

We have witnessed significant scientific research breakthroughs and engineering technology development in academia and industries in recent years. In the meantime, due to the complexity of the batteries as energy storage systems, fundamental problems remain unsolved or even unidentified, hindering the further development of the battery-related industry. In this context, the Battery Safety Workshop (BSW) has been focusing on battery safety research topics since 2022. This annual workshop aims to provide an informative and inclusive forum to discuss the state-of-the-art research progress in the battery safety area. Attendees may include scientists, researchers, and engineers in academia and industry to inspire collaborative and synergic efforts toward solving battery safety issues.

Hosted by the University of South Carolina
5-6 August 2024
Amoco Hall, 301 Main Street, Columbia South Carolina

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