Facing the world health situation, many activities inside IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IES) have been moved to virtual this year. On June 20 and 21, the IES has successfully conducted, for the first time in the Society’s history, the Administrative Committee (AdCom, see note below) meeting online. Due to the time zone difference of IES AdCom members across the globe, the meeting is split into 2 days, of 2 hours and half each day.

This first ever online AdCom meeting is of great success, with a record of 94 participated members from all continents! During the meeting, presentations are given by IES President, President Elect, Vice-presidents, as well as Standing Committee Chairs. Fruitful discussions have been conducted for all presented materials, and important decisions and nominations of IES have been voted electronically, such as IES annual budget approval, journal Co-Editor in Chief nomination, award approvals, upcoming conferences organizations, etc.

The IES AdCom would like to express their great gratitude for the Web and Information Committee (WIC), who has worked side-by-side with all the IES Officers during the entire months of May and June to help to setup the online meeting platform and ensured the well-conduct of all pre-AdCom meetings of IES standing committees. The IES AdCom would like also to congratulate all the excellent works done by Society’s officers to prepare pre-AdCom meetings and voiceover reports, only through their great efforts and dedication to IES, we were able to achieve this significant milestone in our Society’s history!

“The Industrial Electronics Society’s AdCom is responsible for governing and administering the Society under the Society constitution and bylaws, in the best interests of the IEEE, the IES members, and the scientific communities in the areas of the IES field of interest. The AdCom voting members shall consist of 21 elected/appointed Members-at-Large, the 10 Officers, the 8 Technical Committee Cluster Delegates (TCCD) and the ex-officio voting members. There may also be ex-officio or other members without voting rights.” – Industrial Electronics Society bylaws