IES Chapters are Not Only Growing…

…but Also Collaborating!


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While it is very pleasing to see our Chapters number has soared during the last few years from 60 to 92 (53% increase), it is more pleasing to see the newly established chapters are collaborating in activities that are of common interest to academics and practicing engineers everywhere.

The new IES Chapter in Guadalajara (Mexico), the new IES Chapter in Egypt (both established early 2020) and joint IES/PELS/IAS Chapter in Austria have jointly conducted on March 1st, 2021, an online workshop entitled “Engineering Applications During COVID 19”.

I can only salute those chapters leaders for their energy and enthusiasm in setting a good example of practically overcoming the effect of Covid 19, by conducting a collaborative workshop on “Engineering Applications During COVID 19”!

We look forward to see more collaboration between different IES chapters.  Your society, being a Member-based Society, is happy to help and support, within its framework, any initiative your chapter may have that benefits your members and sustains your chapter’s growth.

Yousef Ibrahim
VP-Membership Development

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