Created in April 2016, the Industrial Electronics Society YouTube channel now counts about 300 videos, 38 Playlists (sorted by IES events), nearly 2000 subscribers and 127k views!
The IES YouTube channel is managed by the IES Students and Young Professionals Committee.


Take a guided tour of this valuable showcase of S&YP activities with Hani Vahedi, Co-Chair of the three minutes’ speeches (3Ms)+movies, e-promotion and exhibition.

What is the purpose of the IES YouTube channel?

We saw lots of videos regarding scientific projects on YouTube and we thought that we could ask the students to film their project and make it more interesting while reading the associate paper. The purpose is to motivate students and young professionals in new ways so they feel more part of our society… and stay members of IES in the long run!
Furthermore, giving visibility to their work could also attract non-members.

What kind of videos can we find here?

The videos are 3-minutes presentations of IES conference papers by their young authors.
When students & young professionals have a paper accepted in some IES conferences, they have to prepare a video to be eligible for receiving travel expense reimbursement IES-SYPA. The IES conferences IEEE-IESES, ICM, ISIE, INDIN, ETFA, CPE-POWERENG, PEMC, ICPS, ICIT and IECON all have a support from IES Student & Young Professional (S&YP).

All video are sorted by events in the playlist section.


The idea of 3M video session is to help students learning how to advertise their project for public and promote the authors. Whether their work is just theoretical or by simulations, they are expected to prepare the movie and make it interactive, live and interesting for the viewers.

Behind the scene, who is receiving, choosing or posting these videos?

Marek Jasinski and I (Hani Vahedi) are receiving those videos and reviewing them, sending comments and asking them to improve their videos. Then I post them to the IES YouTube Channel.

Where can we find more information about the Student and Young Professionals activities?