On the International Women’s Day – celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women – our IES society has some exciting news to announce.

A new representative for the Women in IES committee

Dr. Ya-Jun Pan was recently appointed as the Coordinator for IES Women-in-Engineering by Dr. Antonio Luque, who is our IES VP Membership Activities. Read more info about Ya-Jun Pan in her bio below.

A new IES WiE website

The new IES Women in Engineering website has been launched in March 2023 right around the International Women’s Day.
Visit the page https://www.ieee-ies.org/membership/wie to stay tuned with more events and news this year.

A new initiative

Through the new IMPACT (Inspiration, Mentorship, Participation, Assistance, Change, and Technology) initiative that has been proposed for Women-in-IES by its new representative, more women will be invited to join to accomplish the goal of inspiring, engaging, and advancing women in the Industrial Electronics Society.

And some future projects

IES WiE will organize a series of periodic events such as WiE luncheons, WiE forums, webinars, mentoring sessions, outreach programs, and social events. On or before June 2023, the Women-in-IES committee will have the first online Panel session followed by a Q&A. In IECON 2023, they will organize our first WiE luncheon and then either WIE forums or luncheons after 2023 for the three IES flagship conferences (IECON/ICIT/ISIE). Within the events organized by Women-in-IES, young female researchers and professionals will have the chance to network, seek advice, and speak with senior faculty members and industry leaders. Although the events are organized by Women-in-IES, everyone is welcome to attend the events and are encouraged to join IES.

Women in IES, a dynamic team since 2017

IES Women in Engineering has already organized several successful events since years, including:

First WiE Forum in IECON 2017, Beijing, China with 4 speakers, 8 panelists
WiE Forum in IECON 2018, Washington DC, USA with 5 speakers, 8 panelists
WiE Forum in ICIT 2019, Melbourne, Australia with 2 invited speakers, 8 panelists
WiE in Technical Workshop in ISIE 2019, Vancouver, Canada  with a focus on Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
WiE in Technical Workshop in INDIN 2019, Helsinki, Finland with 8 speakers
WiE in Technical Workshop in ISIE 2022 Anchorage Alaska with 2 speakers
WiE in Technical Workshop in IECON 2022, Brussels, Belgium with 7 speakers from academia and industry


Learn more about Dr. Ya-Jun Pan, the Coordinator for IES Women-in-Engineering

Dr. Ya-Jun Pan was appointed early 2023 as the Coordinator for IES Women-in-Engineering by Dr. Antonio Luque.

Currently Ya-Jun is a professor in the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering at Dalhousie University, Canada. Her main research interests are robust nonlinear control, cyber physical systems, intelligent robotics, haptics, and collaborative robots.

Ya-Jun Pan has been a member of IEEE since 2000 when she was a student, and an IEEE Senior member since 2011. She has served as the Senior Editor and Associate Editor for several leading IEEE Transactions and has had many different roles in organizing conferences. In 2021, she was elected as an IEEE IES AdCom Member-at-Large (2022-2024), which offered her more opportunities to work with leaders in IES.

She will also serve as the Chair for the IES Distinguished Lecture Program appointed by the IES President Dr. Mariusz Malinowski for the position. In both roles, they have just formed their committees to work together.

Dr. Ya-Jun Pan recognitions: In the past years, Dr. Ya-Jun Pan has been recognized with fellowships in the Engineering Institute of Canada (FEIC’2021) and American Society of Mechanical Engineers (FASME’2017), Research Excellence Award, and Alexander von-Humboldt Research Fellowship. In March 2023, she was honored to be inducted as a Fellow of Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineering (FCSME’2023).

To learn more about the future IES WiE events and news, discover the page https://www.ieee-ies.org/membership/wie

To join the Women in IES group on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8609923/