Dr. Antonio Luque, our IES Vice President for Membership Activities, has been recently elected by the IEEE Assembly as IEEE Vice President-Elect for Membership and Geographic Activities (MGA) in 2024!

This is a three-year commitment starting from January 2024: one year as VP-Elect MGA, one year as VP MGA, and one year as Past VP MGA.

IEEE Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) is focused on supporting and meeting the members’ needs and IEEE membership recruitment and retention strategies and implementation. IEEE local geographic organizational units (Sections, Chapters, affinity groups, and Student Branches) provide unique opportunities for members to attend technical presentations, create strong peer-to-peer connections, and participate in leadership opportunities that can make a positive distinction in IEEE members’ jobs and careers.

We look forward to contributing to MGA Vision to Inspire, Enable, Empower and Engage Members of the IEEE.

Congratulations to him!

Antonio Luque, IEEE Vice President-Elect, Member and Geographic Activities
Dr. Antonio Luque currently holds the position of Associate Professor in the Department of Electronics Engineering, University of Seville, Spain. He has authored more than 20 journal papers, 40 conference papers, 3 book chapters, and a text book, in addition to supervising two Ph.D. students. He has been invited researcher and teacher at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (Switzerland), Auburn University (AL, USA), Delft University of Technology (Netherlands), Jade University (Germany), Harbin Institute of Technology (China) and Tech Institute of Monterrey (Mexico). At management level, he has been in charge of international relationships, academic affairs, and degree strategic planning and supervision, in different terms.
Besides positions in standing committees of IEEE, he has served in Board AdHocs on Guiding the IEEE Constitutional Amendment, on IEEE Humanitarian Efforts, on IEEE as Your Professional Home, and on Membership Dues, in TAB AdHocs on Bounded Rationality, and on Society Elections, in FinCom AdHoc on Alternative Funding to OUs, in MGA AdHocs on Region Realignment and on Student Branches, among others. He has been active in MGA (Region Director, MGA Committee Chair and member), TAB (Society VP, IEEE Conferences Committee, conference general chair and other roles), PSPB (member of PSC, editor of journals), SA (IEEE high-level participant at WSIS), the new HTB (member of Finance Committee), and at IEEE level committees (Audit, Governance, European Public Policy). He was part of the IEEE Executive Search Committee, who performed the search for a new Executive Director in 2022, being part of the selected team that worked with the search firm that ultimately led to the hiring of the current ED and COO.

Read more about the qualifications, major accomplishments and position statement of Antonio Luque as the 2024 Vice-President Elect, Member and Geographic Activities: https://www.ieee.org/about/assembly/vp-mga.html

More information about the IEEE Member and Geographic Activities: https://www.ieee.org/communities/geographic-activities.html

Visit the MGA home page: https://mga.ieee.org/