Three IES officers are engaged in the Sensors Council AdCom: Thilo Sauter, Stoyan Nihtianov, and Ren Luo (absent on the picture)


In 1998, the IEEE Sensors Council was constituted by the presidents of 14 IEEE Societies signing a petition for its formation. The starting point of this multi-disciplinary endeavor was the recognition that many IEEE societies dealt with sensors, its technology and applications. Many IEEE publications and conferences published papers on sensors relevant to their technical area, but there was no cross-cutting activity within IEEE that would give the sensors community a home base. As a consequence, the Sensors Council (SC) was founded through an initiative of later IEEE President John Vig. It became IEEE’s first Technical Council, and the Industrial Electronics Society (IES) was among the 14 founding members.

SC Senior Past President Fabrice Labeau, IEEE VP Technical Activities John Verboncoeur, Thilo Sauter and SC President Ravinder Dahiya


25 years later, IES is still heavily involved in the Sensors Council and its operation. Ren Luo, Stoyan Nihtianov, and Thilo Sauter are currently engaged in the SC AdCom. Thilo Sauter also organized the flagship conference SENSORS 2023, which took place in Vienna, Austria, from Oct. 28 to Nov 1. Not only did this conference break all records in terms of paper submissions and numbers of attendees. It was also the climax of the council’s silver jubilee year. To commemorate the anniversary, the conference hosted a session with guest speakers from IEEE including VP Technical Activities John Verboncoeur, VP-elect Technical Activities Fred Schindler, and presidents of member societies of the Sensors Council. Also IES President Mariusz Malinowski attended and gave a speech highlighting the tight relationship of IES and the SC.

Thilo Sauter organized the flagship conference SENSORS 2023
IES President Mariusz Malinowski highlighted the tight relationship of IES & the SC

Apart from the technical program of the conference and the anniversary session, the IEEE guests enjoyed a dinner with the organizing committee at the Austrian National Library.


The special highlight of the four conference days was the 25th Anniversary Ball at the Imperial Palace in the heart of Vienna, the traditional location for splendid and glamorous gala events and a worthy venue for the conclusion of the celebrations.