Prof. Maryam Saeedfard (PELS President representative), Dr. Thomas Caughlin (IEEE President elect), Prof. Kamal Al-Haddad (IEEE medal on Power engineering recipient), Saifur Rahman (2023 IEEE President), Professor Andy Knight (IAS President), Jessica J Bian (PES President 2022-2023).


Prof. Kamal Al-Haddad is the recipient of the IEEE medal on Power engineering for contributions to power electronics converters for power quality and industrial applications. Prof. Al-Haddad received the prestigious recognition at the 2023 IEEE Vision, Innovation, and Challenges Summit (IEEE VIC Summit) & Honors Ceremony, held on Friday, 5 May 2023 at the Hilton Atlanta.

The IEEE Medal in Power Engineering was established in 2008 to recognize outstanding contributions to the technology associated with the generation, transmission, distribution, application, and utilization of electric power for the betterment of society.  It is the highest recognition in the field. The IEEE four societies sponsoring this award are: Power Electronics Society PELS, Power and Energy Society PES, Industry Application society IAS and Industrial Electronics Society.

Congratulations to him!

Prof. Kamal Al-Haddad has made pioneering contributions to the field of power electronics and has greatly advanced the technology through applications in a wide range of areas, including traction, power quality, lighting, induction heating, and telecommunications.
He has consistently delivered high quality, reliability, and costeffectiveness in the creation of commercially viable power solutions for the benefit of everyday society. His work on resonant power converters is used in the design of high-efficiency, high-density power supplies for telecommunications applications at Emerson, Canada. His work on the improvement of power quality was adopted by the Quebec Ministry of Transportation in the construction of a suburban electric-traction system for metropolitan Montreal. The North American Traction Division of Bombardier applied his techniques to its design of a 250-kW power converter for the monorail-traction system that now serves Jacksonville, Florida, USA. Al-Haddad’s advances in remedial strategy for electrical circuits have been applied to fly-by-wire aircraft engines. His power electronics components and structure-modeling techniques have been used in commercial software packages, in conjunction with MATLAB-Simulink in more than 1,700 universities, and thousands of industries worldwide. Especially significant have been Al-Haddad’s contributions to power quality and harmonic mitigation of power-distribution systems. His novel methodologies solved major industrial problems generated by harmonic propagation, and he designed and implemented the first active rectifier with active filtering capability and voltage harmonics correction. His innovations have had broad applications in power supplies for photovoltaic energy conversion systems, industrial lasers, discharge lamps, induction heating, and manufacturing. Al-Haddad’s work has spurred extensive new research by others, which has contributed to the rapid development of power quality, electrification for transportation, renewable energy, and distributed generation for society.
An IEEE Life Fellow, Al-Haddad is a professor and the senior Canada research chair, École de Technologie Superieure, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


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