Learn about the past ten years highlights of the Student and Young Professional Committee – through a word from the former S&YP Chair and the latest statistics by Hani Vahedi.

A word from the former Student and Young Professional Chair (2012-2022), Marek Jasinski 

First I would like to welcome the new S&YP Chair, Dmitri Vinnikov, and the new VP-Membership, Antonio Luque.

After 10 years of volunteering as a Student and Young Professional Chair, I would like to summarize the S&YP Committee activities of the last decade.

In 2015, thanks to a discussion with students and great support of Terry Martin and John Hung, IES increased the IES-Student and Young Professionals Paper Travel Assistance (IES-SYPA) to USD 2k (formerly was USD 500 or 750).

Number of students helped by SYPA since 2000 – by year and by conference


Moreover it could be noticed that IES has increased the S&YP budget significantly from USD 35k in 2014 to USD 150k in 2019, thanks in particular to Kamal Al-Haddad (2016-17 IES president), and to the Growth Centre Project triggered by Xinghuo Yu (2018-19 IES President) and Yousef Ibrahim (VP Membership 2017-22).

IES S&YP Budget Records


In 2023 we shall still have USD 100k for regular operation and USD 50k from the Growth Centre project. Indeed the total number of members was doubled during last 10 years, now we have more than 10k IEEE IES Members.
The huge investment of IES in young researchers was considered as a “best practice in IEEE” during the Society overview in 2018.
All this was possible thanks to the great support and synergy effect between our members.

I would like to thank all the S&YP Team members:

  • Co-Chair of the Student Branch and Student Branch Technical Chapters activity: Adam Milczarek, Hong Li, Sertac Bayhan.
  • Co-Chair of the three minutes’ speeches (3Ms)+movies, e-promotion and exhibition: Hani Vahedi.
  • Co-Chair of a YPS Tutorial + Industry Link and Banquet: Dmitri Vinnikov (new S&YP Chair).
  • Co-Chair of SYP Members activities, Cooperation with Web and Information Committee: Marek Turzynski.
  • Co-Chair of the SYP Forum: Christian Rojas. IEEE-YPS France and IEEE-IES-MMC representative: Fei Gao.
  • IEEE-YPS Turkey representative: Naki Güler.
  • And new PhD students from President Elect Milos Manic who supported us since last year, Victor Cobilean and Harindra Sandun Mavikumbure – a new energy in the team.
  • And also to Past Senior Chairs of the S&YP-AC: María Inés Valla, Marco Liserre, Mariusz Malinowski and Pedro Rodriguez.

We have cooperated with Web & Information Committee (WIC), Conference Committee, Education Committee, Technical Committees, Chapters, Multimedia Committee, IES Women in Engineering (WiE) and many more. Under the leadership of IES presidents: Leopoldo Garcia Franquelo, Gerard-Andre-Capolino, John Hung, Kamal Al-Haddad, Xinghuo Yu, Terry Martin and Mariusz Malinowski. All of them are supporting the S&YP with the highest priority.

The last but not least VP-Membership Marcian Cirstea (initiated this position), Yousef Ibrahim, and now Antonio Luque. And of course Aleksander Malinowski who is a gray eminence of Conference Submission System – a great tool for IES-SYPA distribution.

Our efficient activities could not have been possible without this team. Thank you all and keep growing!

Some S&YP statistics – by Hani Vahedi

IES S&YP Facebook page: 2722 members



IEEE IES S&YP Collabratec members: 3844 participants


IES YouTube channel: 2066 Subscribers

ViewsWatch time (hr)Subscribers*
16-Apr-2016 to end of 201610,806223136
2023 (till 31-March)4,9899967
16-Apr-2016 to 31-Mar-2023142,4123,1372,064

*Number of subscribers is lower than the sum of all years since some people unsubscribed or deleted their accounts.


For more information about the Students and Young Professional, have a look at: https://www.ieee-ies.org/membership/syp