By Dmitri Vinnikov, Chair of the IEEE IES Students and Young Professionals Activity Committee (YPS-AC)

The Students & Young Professionals represent society’s future leaders and innovators.
IEEE IES Students & Young Professionals Activity Committee (IES SYP-AC) actively supports them by providing necessary guidance, mentorship, and resources. Moreover, the IES SYP-AC hosts a variety of events aimed at helping students and young professional members stay connected in the IES community. One of such events are the Student Forums, regularly organized during the IES majority sponsored conferences and workshops all over the world. Student Forums provide an excellent opportunity for the students and young professionals to present their work while learning from more experienced researchers.

In 2023, the series of Student Forums was opened in Orlando FL, USA at ICIT’2023 – the 24th IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology. 
The event was organized at the opening day of the conference and kicked off with warm greetings and encouragements from Marek Jasinski, past IES SYPA Chair, Mariusz Malinowski, IES President and Antonio Luque, VP Membership. Two inspiring keynote presentations were given by Fei Gao and Subham Sahoo on the cutting-edge topics of Digital Twins and Cybersecurity in Power Electronics.

During Student Forums, the 3M Video contest give the students the opportunity to present their research and have the chance to be selected for a travel assistance (IES-SYPAssistance).
We thank all the ICIT’23 participants for their outstanding presentations, it was truly inspiring to see their dedication and enthusiasm for their work. And we would like to congratulate each of the six winners, who will receive up to $2000 USD in travel expenses. We highly recommend visiting our YouTube channel and showing your support for our amazing participants. Exploring the channel could provide you motivation and inspiration for participating in our upcoming contests.

Participate in our events to advance your career and to be prepared to face new challenges!
S&YP are the strategic point for the IES. If you would like to invest your effort, invest it in the people.
Thanks to this strategy, the IES is always young and leading the information and energy technologies (IT + ET= IET) transformation for a better future.

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