By Leopoldo Franquelo, founding Editor in Chief of the IEEE Open Journal of the Industrial Electronics

Time flies and it seems that it was yesterday when in 2019 the Industrial Electronics Society (IES) AdCom appointed me as the founding Editor in Chief of the IEEE Open Journal of the Industrial Electronics Society (OJIES). Since then, we have achieved numerous significant milestones, the latest being the attainment of our inaugural Impact Factor. The journey leading up to this point, depicted in the Figure, was marked by a sequence of noteworthy events.

OJIES started publishing papers in January 2020; since then and thanks to the excellent work of the IEEE staff, the journal has been indexed in the main publications databases.

Of course, there has been a large number of people contributing to OJIES success, without their enthusiastic support it could not have been possible to run the journal. In particular, IES Presidents Terry Martin and Mariusz Malinowski, and Vice-Presidents for Publications Mariusz Malinowski and Thilo Sauter were always a stronghold supporting OJIES.

The editorial board had a very important role in the day-to-day operations. Thanks to the help and close collaboration of the co-EiC Armando W. Colombo, OJIES is what it is today. The group of 60 expert associate editors has been working very hard to get timely recommendations and is a very important group of contributors to our success. No need to explain how important reviewers are to a journal; in this period, more than 1600 reviewers worked to help select the best suited papers for publication in OJIES journal. A rigorous peer-reviewed process has been set thanks to them, enabling the fast publication of open access (OA) articles with high-impact results on the latest emerging topics and trends covering all aspects of theory, design, practice, and application related to IES field of interest.
Mention apart should be made to the authors. What is a journal without them? They play a key role contributing to OJIES submitting their high-quality manuscripts.

As we start the year 2024, I am in my second and last term as OJIES EiC. For an EiC, one of the priorities is to select outstanding papers to be published. In my first term, the priority was to attract world-recognized expert authors that helped OJIES become a prime reference in the industrial electronics field for readers.
Figures of merit as Clarivate’s Journal Impact Factor (JIF) show how influential the journal has become in the Industrial Electronics community. OJIES has achieved a commendable JIF=5.2, making it one of the most valuable journals in the IEEE. I hope that this initial trend will continue through the year 2024 as new high-quality papers are being submitted to OJIES.

Finally, it is a pleasure to encourage you as potential author to submit your manuscripts to OJIES.


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