Authors: Sebastian Rivera, Samir Kouro, Sergio Vazquez, Stefan M. Goetz, Ricardo Lizana, Enrique Romero-Cadaval

Extended Abstract:

This article provides an in-depth perspective on the efforts being made to achieve zero-emission transportation, focusing particularly on the developments of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure and charging standards during the last decade. This paper overviews how power electronics configurations enable different aspects of battery charging, exploring the different charging mechanisms and levels, providing a detailed industrial survey of mainstream solutions and the different options enabling the energy transfer from the grid to the battery. In addition, the paper discusses how these solutions align with the existing charging standards and their recent updates, covering the challenges and opportunities this developing industry faces. Finally, the article highlights the benefits of having a versatile and vast public charging infrastructure, capable of promoting future-proof solutions, deploying charging rates and capabilities that are not available yet in commercialized vehicles, and more importantly how this is essential to gain consumer trust and accelerate EV adoption.

2022 Best paper award for IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine.

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