An Artificial Intelligence Approach for Real-Time Tuning of Weighting Factors in FCS-MPC for Power Converters

By ITeN Editorial Board
06 December, 2021

Authors: Sergio VazquezDaniel L. MarinoEduardo ZafraMaria Dolores Valdes PenaJuan J. Rodriguez-AndinaLeopoldo Garcia FranqueloMilos Manic

Extended Abstract:

In this paper a finite control set model predictive control is used to track a current reference in a power converter connected to an RL load. An artificial intelligence (AI) approach is presented for real-time determination of the weighting factor that regulates the average switching frequency, independently of the operating point. The paper focuses on the design, training, and digital implementation of an artificial neural network (ANN) that can be developed in a low-cost control platform. It is presented a sampling and offline ANN training procedure, together with a low-cost hardware implementation based on integer quantization of the ANN. The above approach provides a standalone application, serving as a framework for development of ANN applications for power-converters. The main advantage of the presented approach is that the ANN inference is executed in real-time. In this way, the weighting factor is automatically updated in real-time, allowing the system to quickly adapt to any reference step changes, and consequently provide the desired behavior. Executing the setup in laboratory prototype confirmed the theoretical analysis and successful tracking of the reference frequency.