Authors: M. Trabelsi, H. Vahedi and H. Abu-Rub

Extended Abstract:

Having a reduced number of switches and isolated DC sources yet generating a higher number of voltage levels has been always the challenge when selecting the appropriate Multilevel Inverter (MLI) topology. Nowadays, Single-DC-Source Multilevel Inverter (SDCS-MLI) topologies are being considered as more suitable for many power system applications such as Renewable Energy (RE) conversion systems and electrified transportations compared to the Multiple-DC-Source MLIs (MDCS-MLIs). Moreover, increasing the power rating and minimizing the switching frequency while maintaining reasonable power quality using a SDCS-MLI is an important requirement and a persistent challenge for the industry. Thus, this paper presents a general review on the available SDCS-MLI topologies and future trends. Existing solutions are discussed and analyzed based on their topologies, number of output voltage levels, number of active/passive components, advantages/limitations, maturity, and industrial applications. Furthermore, recommendations for future research and development are suggested in this paper.

Accordingly, the objectives of this paper are listed as follows.

  1. To review the available SDCS-MLIs.
  2. To discuss the merits and limitations of each SDCS-MLI.
  3. To presents potential industrial applications for each topology.
  4. To give recommendations for further research and development.

This paper has been published in IEEE Open Journal of the Industrial Electronics Society

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