Authors: Bhaskara Rao Ravada, Narsa Reddy Tummuru and Bala Naga Lingaiah Ande

Extended Abstract:

The integration of renewable power sources and energy storage using multiport converters is gaining immense attention. Appreciable research has been done and reported regarding the multiport converters. Among them, very few are related to the integration of supercapacitor-battery-based hybrid energy storage (HES). Therefore, focusing on integrating supercapacitor, battery, wind, and photovoltaic, a multisource converter configuration is proposed in this article. Based on the proposed configuration, a grid-connected system, along with supervisory control, is developed. The key contributions of the proposed configuration are as follows. The voltage regulation of supercapacitor is in-built, where extra voltage sensor and extra controller can be avoided. Transient/high-frequency components are diverted to supercapacitor inherently, where extra control circuitry and current sensor to achieve power-sharing among battery and supercapacitor can be avoided. Irrespective of load, the duty cycle of a photovoltaic hybrid converter is almost constant. Transformer is incorporated, which facilitates high voltage gain and galvanic isolation. The mathematical analysis, modeling, and design aspects are presented in detail. The proposed system is validated through digital simulations and experimental results.

Basic block diagram of the multisource converter


This paper is published in IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Industrial Electronics.

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