June 29th – July 3rd, University of Warwick, UK

The 6th International Summer School on Industrial Agents will be held at WMG, University of Warwick (United Kingdom) from 29th June to 3rd July 2020. The theme of this year’s Summer School is Engineering of Cyber-Physical Production Systems. The Summer School is co-sponsored by the IEEE Technical Committee on Industrial Agents and WMG’s Automation Systems Group.

The event is designed to provide advanced training for postgraduate students, researchers and practitioners on engineering methods and automation technologies that will be the basis for Industry 4.0. The week-long intensive course aims to promote discussion on how to use distributed multi-agent systems to design, develop and implement the next generation of intelligent production system based on the principles of cyber-physical systems.

The Summer School aims to enhance knowledge in the field of distributed and multi-agent systems (MAS) applied to industrial environments, and provide hands-on knowledge to develop industrial cyber-physical systems (e.g. production systems, smart grids, etc.).

Participants will attend lectures and tutorials delivered by renown experts from both industry and academia. They will share their experience of developing and applying agent-based solutions in real-life applications. The School will provide a good opportunity to meet prominent researchers, share best practices and network with participants with potential of leading to research collaborations in the future.

For further information please visit our webpage:  https://warwick.ac.uk/fac/sci/wmg/research/digital/automation/about/summer-school-2020/

Call for participants download link: https://warwick.ac.uk/fac/sci/wmg/research/digital/automation/about/summer-school-2020/CFP_V2.PDF