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JESTIE Special Section on “Grid-Forming Converter Dominated Power Systems”

Organized by: Zhixiang Zou, Yongheng Yang, Giovanni De Carne, Yiwei Pan 
In recent years, the landscape of power systems has witnessed a significant shift towards the massive integration of renewable energy sources, energy storage systems, and advanced power electronic devices. Among these advancements, the emergence of …

JESTIE Special Section on “Low Inertia Power Systems: Challenges and Opportunities”

Organized by: Prof. Andrea Benigni, Priv.-Doz. Thomas I. Strasser, Prof. Federico Milano, Dr.-Ing. Martina Joševski
The target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions motivated by environmental and sustainability concerns has led to substitute a significant share of conventional generation with renewable sources. In this transition, synchronous machines …

JESTIE Joint Special Section on “Application of Advanced Signal Processing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques to Electric Machines”

Organized by: Prof. Jose Antonino-Daviu, Prof. Thomas Wolbank, Dr. Shafigh Nategh, Prof. Radu Bojoi
The application of advanced signal processing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to electric machines has proliferated during recent years. Many different areas related to the design, modelling, control, diagnosis or optimization of electric …