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Hairpin Windings: An Opportunity for Next-Generation E-Motors in Transportation

Authors: Stefano Nuzzo, Davide Barater, Chris Gerada and Piermaria Vai
Extended Abstract:
The technological advancements in the field of both electrical machines and power electronics are extremely promising and seem permitting to achieve the demanding power density and efficiency levels required nowadays by the transportation sector. However, …

Voltage Stress in PWM Inverter-Fed Electrical Machines by Jiabin Wang and Antonio Griffo

Tuesday December 14, 2021 2:00 PM GMT (3:00 PM CET, 9:00 AM EST)
By Jiabin Wang and Antonio Griffo (University of Sheffield, UK)

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Power electronic converter-fed machines and drives are increasingly being used in electrification of transport, renewable energy generations and industrial automation. Converters …