Tuesday 28 May 2024 at 4:00 PM CEST, 10:00 AM EST

By Tommaso Bertoncello (Volvo Cars, Sweden) and Ved Acharya (Powersys, USA)

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Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) in rotating electrical machines for automotive is a crucial aspect to consider for a good motor design. The stator teeth’s radial and tangential forces induce stator core deformation that cause vibrations and noise in the machine.  The severity of these deformations depends on the vibration mode of force waveforms: lower the vibration mode number, higher the deflection of the stator core and the noise. Hence, designers must select specific spatial and temporal force harmonics and minimize them.

By mitigating NVH within the optimization process, designers can streamline iterations, thereby reducing the time-to-prototype significantly. Thus, an accurate way of analysing the force waveforms is needed during the design phase. In this webinar, a novel method of extracting the force harmonics in FEA environment will be presented. Various features for NVH enhancement will be shown, focusing on their influence on force harmonics. Furthermore, an analysis of asymmetrical geometries utilizing the same methodology will be conducted to assess their potential as a viable alternative to skewing in terms of NVH improvement and minimizing torque ripple.

The presentation will also demonstrate some features related to the described workflow with JMAG, the leading tool for electromagnetic simulations for various types of electric machines.

Presenters’ bio:

Tommaso Bertoncello is an Electromagnetic Motor Design Engineer at Volvo Cars in Gothenburg, Sweden. His main research interests are focused on NVH and machine design of electrical drives used for transport electrification. He is author of the scientific paper “Unsymmetrical pole design for high-speed PMSM electric machines”, presented at IECON22 conference in Brussels, Belgium. He has completed his bachelor’s degree in Energy Engineering from University of Padova, Italy and his master’s in Electric Vehicle Engineering from Motorvehicle University of Emilia Romagna (MUNER), Bologna, Italy. He has been working in the automotive industry for about two years since 2022.

Ved Acharya is currently working as Engineering Manager at Powersys Inc. in San Diego, USA. He pursued his master’s degree in electrical engineering from UNC Charlotte, USA. His research focus includes magnetic gears & electrical machines.