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IES launches two pioneering projects to advance Artificial Intelligence and data-driven decision-making

By Prof. Daswin De Silva, Chair of the Web and Information Committee (WiC) and IES TC for Technology Ethics and Society (TC TES)

The Industrial Electronics Society Administration Committee has recently approved two pioneering projects. The first aims to leverage Artificial Intelligence to advance industrial electronics research …

Extraordinary Women-in-IES Webinar: Multi-Terminal High-Voltage DC Grids: Challenges and Opportunities

Friday 17 November 2023 at 9:00 AM EST, 3:00 PM CET
By Maryam Saeedifard (School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)

Register now using the link below:

ZOOM Meeting ID: 844 6332 5317; Passcode: 695754
High Voltage DC (HVDC) transmission is a long-standing technology with …

Discover the 2022 Impact Factors of our TIE, IEM, TII and OJIES publications

According to the recent JCR report released this year, the Impact Factors of our Industrial Electronics Society publications (and their ranking among all IEEE publications) for the year 2022 are the following:

IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine IEM: 6.3  (58th position in IEEE 2022)
IEEE Transactions on Industrial …

Students & Young Professionals Activity is Strategic Priority of IES for the Next Decade!

By Dmitri Vinnikov, Chair of the IEEE IES Students and Young Professionals Activity Committee (YPS-AC)

The Students & Young Professionals represent society’s future leaders and innovators.
IEEE IES Students & Young Professionals Activity Committee (IES SYP-AC) actively supports them by providing necessary guidance, mentorship, and resources. Moreover, …