Our IES volunteers finally met again in-person at the Hilton Anchorage on 4 & 5 June 2022


This first in person June 2022 AdCom meeting was the chance for our Administration Committee members to finally meet again after the pandemic. Last AdCom in person was in Lisbon, Portugal in October 2019, almost 3 years ago!

This hybrid meeting was held successfully June 4 and 5 in Anchorage, Alaska after ISIE Conference 2022.

More than twenty volunteers (23 precisely) were present on site at the Hilton “Top of the world” meeting room.


Among several motions, the IES President, Mariusz Malinowski, proposed to transform in the future AdHoc Multimedia Committee into a Standing IES Committee.

He also requested Industrial Electronics Society (IES) to become one of the founding sponsor society in the proposed new IEEE Transportation Electrification (TE) Council.

For this year 2022, IES Awards & Honors Committee (A&H) announced 12 society level awards, the full list of awards will be communicated later in another announcement.

IES Membership Development continues to grow, in number of members and of chapters (including student branches). The committee is also actively working on making our society a truly Member-focused Society, and continuously engaging Student & Young Professional (SY&P) and Women in Engineering (WiE) in the IES-sponsored Conference and workshops communications. 

Industrial Activities Committee unveiled their plans, and among them, the restructuring and expansion of IAC engagements in line with the new mandate. 

The Conference and workshop activities presented excellent results despite pandemic and announced several measures to further enhance quality of IES conferences. Inspired by the conference organization experiences during the pandemic, IES is also planning to start a new fully online conference series soon.

A great work a been done by the Technical Activities committee to present many ideas to attract interest and boost activities of the TC and to improve their role in conferences organization. A call for project to further enhance our Technical activities will be announced soon and open to all IES members.

Regarding our IES publications, the editorial boards of several IES publications have been renewed and new EiCs have been appointed during AdCom.

Next IES AdCom meeting will be conducted in person in conjunction with IECON’22 in October in Brussels, Belgium.

The “Top of the world” meeting room at the Hilton offered quite a nice view on Anchorage

All pictures by Cécile Maillard-Salin