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Meet the President-Elect, Milos Manic

We had the chance to meet Milos Manic, a visionary who aims to turn our Society into a more proactive and responsible model. Milos told us about the two most important “head of the family” roles of his life, professionally as our IES President-Elect and …

IES supports a Promising Future with Resilient Power in Nepal

Thanks to IES, Shree Batase Secondary School in Nepal is finally connected to a reliable source of electricity and free of charge.

A Promising Future with Resilient Power – By Morgan Kiani

It was a short and productive spring break for Doctor Morgan Kiani, professor in engineering …

Recent Advances of Wind-Solar Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems for Power Generation: A Review

Authors: Pranoy Roy; JiangBiao He; Tiefu Zhao; Yash Veer Singh
Extended Abstract:
A hybrid renewable energy system (HRES) generally consists of two or more renewable energy sources with complementary power generation profiles, such as wind turbines and photovoltaic systems, along with a low-capacity energy storage system …

Extraordinary Women-in-IES Webinar: On Nash’s Game Theory over Networks by Lacra Pavel

Wednesday 21 June 2023 at 10:00 AM EDT, 4:00 PM CET
By Lacra Pavel (University of Toronto, Canada)

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Networks are ubiquitous around us. Consider the Internet, with its underlying communication, the smart grid/power network, a network of robots engaged in search and …

Hairpin Windings: opportunities for E-Motors in Transportation

Thursday 25 May 2023 at 3:00 PM CET, 9:00 AM EST
By Stefano Nuzzo (University of Modena and Reggio, Italy)

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Hairpin windings are promising candidates for electric motors, as they offer higher fill factors, lower low-frequency losses, reduced end winding lengths and improved …

Electric vehicles and charging infrastructure

Monday 15 May 2023 at 3:00 PM EEST, 2:00 PM CET, 8:00 AM ET
By Andrei Blinov, Oleksandr Husev, Parham Mohseni, Mohammad Mahad Nadeem, Oskar Kreft, Juhan Härm

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Restrictions on fossil fuels and related environmental pollution issues motivate many organizations and countries to …

JESTIE Special Section on “Artificial Intelligence and Low-code Technology for Customized Manufacturing Systems”

Organized by: Prof. Jiafu Wan, Dr. Zhibo Pang, Dr. Yu Zhang, Prof. Andrew Kusiak
Digital transformation is at the core of developments in manufacturing. The functions provided by traditional software, such as Enterprise Resource Planning and Manufacturing Execution Systems, are not sufficient to meet the fast-changing …

Overview of 10 years IES Student and Young Professional Activities (2012-2022)

Learn about the past ten years highlights of the Student and Young Professional Committee – through a word from the former S&YP Chair and the latest statistics by Hani Vahedi.
A word from the former Student and Young Professional Chair (2012-2022), Marek Jasinski 
First I would like …

A Review on Application of Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Microgrids

Authors: Ebrahim Mohammadi, Mojtaba Alizadeh, Mohsen Asgarimoghaddam, Xiaoyu Wang, Marcelo Godoy Simões
Extended Abstract:
Fossil fuels with their environmental pollution and low efficiency impact the traditional and conventional power systems. These issues have been supporting a new paradigm of electricity generation locally at the distribution level, with …

Call for Nominations for open Editor Positions – 5 May 2023

The IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IES) invites nominations for the position of co-Editor-in-Chief for the following journals:

IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics (TIE)
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics (TII)
IEEE Open Journal of the Industrial Electronics Society (OJIES)
(see below open positions and requirements).
Nominations should be sent to IES …