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Advanced control of electric vehicles and development of wireless in-wheel motors

Thursday 28 September 2023 at 8:00 PM JST (1:00 PM CET, 7:00AM EST)
By Hiroshi Fujimoto (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
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Electric vehicles (EVs) have attractive potential not only for energy and environmental performance, but also for vehicle motion control because electric …

7 co-Editors-in-Chief for IES Publications Announced

During Industrial Electronics Society’s Administration Committee (AdCom), held 22 June 2023 in Helsinki, the president Mariusz Malinowski has appointed 3 co-Editors-in-Chief (co-EiC) for IEEE Transaction on Industrial Informatics (TII), 3 co-Editors-in-Chief for IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics (TIE) and 1 co-Editor-in-Chief for IEEE Open Journal …

Automatic Code Generation for Industrial Edge Applications based on IEC 61499 and MTP

Thursday 21 September 2023 at 8:00 PM CST (2:00 PM CET, 8:00AM EST)
By Wenbin Dai (School of Electrical Information and Electronic Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China)

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Industrial internet and edge computing brings lots of new opportunities for traditional industrial automation …

Giuseppe Buja receives the IEEE Richard Harold Kaufman Award

Prof. Giuseppe Buja is the 2024 IEEE Technical Field Award recipient of the Richard Harold Kaufman Award for outstanding contributions in industrial systems. The award comes with the following citation: “For fundamental Contributions to Modulation and Control of Industrial Drives.”
The Richard Harold Kaufman Award is presented to …

Sparse Vector Coding for Short-Packet Transmission on Industrial Communications: Reference Architecture and Design Challenges

Authors: AIñigo Bilbao; Lorenzo Fanari; Eneko Iradier; Pablo Angueira and Jon Montalban
Extended Abstract:
Reliable, fast, and deterministic communications are fundamental for future industrial wireless systems. This goal requires multiple cooperating technologies pertaining to different communication areas. The waveform and coding technique choices are critical to …

A Data-Driven Short-Term PV Generation and Load Forecasting Approach for Microgrid Applications

Authors: Rohit Trivedi; Sandipan Patra; Shafi Khadem
Extended Abstract:
The data-driven (DD) is a systematic approach to improve the data and model by deriving/adding features to address the problem identified during the iterative loop of forecasting model development. This article proposes a DD framework for forecasting short-term …

Meet the IES student representative and Student Activities Committee chair, Ala Chalghaf

Ala Chalghaf joined the IES Membership Committee as the IES student representative and Student Activities Committee chair in 2023. Learn about the creator of the IES Student Ambassador Program and discover a young member full of new ideas for our society…
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Xinghuo Yu has been elected 2023 Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science

Senior Past President of IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (2018-2019), Prof. Xinghuo Yu has been elected 2023 Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science.
Xinghuo Yu (in the center) elected 2023 Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science
Fellows of the Australian Academy of Science are among the …

Cloud and Edge Computing for Smart Management of Power Electronic Converter Fleets: A Key Connective Fabric to Enable the Green Transition

Authors: Daniel Gebbran; Alberto Barragán-Moreno; Pere Izquierdo Gómez; Ramadhani Kurniawan Subroto; Mohammad Mehdi Mardani; Miguel López; Javiera Quiroz; Tomislav Dragičević
Extended Abstract:
The increasing grid penetration of renewable energy generation, energy storage, and controllable electronic loads, such as electric vehicle (EV) chargers, motor drives, and electrolyzers, is …