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Distributed Hierarchical Control for Fast Frequency Restoration in VSG-Controlled Islanded Microgrids

Authors: Kuo Feng, Chunhua Liu
As microgrids develop rapidly, more inverters are adopted to achieve DC/AC or AC/DC/AC conversion of distributed generators (DGs). Replacing the large rotary generators with inverter-based sources results in a lack of inertia in the grid. The virtual synchronous generator (VSG) control …

Impedance Compressing Matching Network Based on Two-Port Network Analysis for Wireless Power Transfer System

Authors: Euihoon Chung, Jung-Ik Ha, Anas Al Bastami, David J. Perreault
Extended Abstract:
This paper proposes a novel design approach for impedance matching networks applicable to diverse industrial fields, including plasma drive systems and wireless power transfer systems. In these industrial applications, the load impedance exhibits a …

Applications and Modulation Methods for Modular Converters Enabling Unequal Cell Power Sharing

Authors: Vito G. Monopoli, Abraham Marquez, Jose I. Leon, Marco Liserre, Giampaolo Buticchi, Leopoldo G. Franquelo, Sergio Vazquez
Extended Abstract:
Modular converters based on the connection of multiple power cells have become a competitive solution for many applications, achieving high performance with reduced production and maintenance costs. …

Solving Multi-Objective Fuzzy Job-Shop Scheduling Problem by a Hybrid Adaptive Differential Evolution Algorithm

Authors: Gai-Ge Wang, Da Gao, and Witold Pedrycz
A common scheduling problem is the job-shop scheduling problem (JSP), where multiple jobs are processed on multiple machines. Each job consists of a series of operations that must be performed in a given order, and each operation must …

Approximation-Free Robust Synchronization Control for Dual-Linear-Motors-Driven Systems With Uncertainties and Disturbances

Authors: Zhitai Liu, Weiyang Lin, Xinghu Yu, Juan J. Rodríguez-Andina, Huijun Gao

The dual-linear-motors-driven system (DLMDS) has been increasingly employed in various high-end manufacturing equipment, such as pick-and-place machines, high-end CNC machine tools, and precision instruments, owing to its advantages of high thrust, high precision, and …

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Energy Management with Computer Vision and Deep Reinforcement Learning

Authors: Yong Wang, Huachun Tan, Yuankai Wu, Jiankun Peng
Modern automotive systems have been equipped with a highly increasing number of onboard computer vision hardware and software, which are considered to be beneficial for achieving eco-driving. This article combines computer vision and deep reinforcement learning (DRL) …

An Improved Open-Phase Fault-Tolerant DTC Technique for Five-Phase Induction Motor Drive Based on Virtual Vectors Assessment

Authors: Bheemaiah Chikondra, Utkal Ranjan Muduli and Ranjan Kumar Behera
The multi-phase machine (MM) drives are best suitable for safety-critical applications due to its inherent fault-tolerant capability. The fault-tolerant operation of MM drives is challenging and necessary for applications such as off-shore ship propulsion, high-way electric …

Six-Switch Step-Up Common-Grounded Five-Level Inverter With Switched-Capacitor Cell for Transformerless Grid-Tied PV Applications

Authors: Reza Barzegarkhoo, Yam. P. Siwakoti, Naser Vosoughi, and Frede Blaabjerg
Photovoltaic (PV) string inverters with transformerless grid-connected architecture are the most commonly used solar converters owing to their appliance-friendly and cost-effective benefits. A novel circuit configuration for these converters is presented in this study, which …

Flux-Regulation Principle and Performance Analysis of a Novel Axial Partitioned Stator Hybrid-Excitation Flux-Switching Machine Using Parallel Magnetic Circuit

Authors: Xianglin Li, Fawen Shen, Shiyang Yu and Zhiwei Xue
This paper presents a novel hybrid-excitation flux-switching (HEFS) machine with axial partitioned stator (APS) arrangement, which can achieve the independent accommodation of armature winding and field-excitation winding, thus enhancing the field-excitation capability and improving the winding heat …

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure: From Grid to Battery

Authors: Sebastian Rivera, Samir Kouro, Sergio Vazquez, Stefan M. Goetz, Ricardo Lizana, Enrique Romero-Cadaval
Extended Abstract:
This article provides an in-depth perspective on the efforts being made to achieve zero-emission transportation, focusing particularly on the developments of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure and charging standards during the …