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A Resonant Frequency Tracking Technique For LLC Converters Based DC Transformers

Authors: Yuqi Wei, Quanming Luo, Alan Mantooth
Extended Abstract:
Large circulating current and reactive power exist for the LLC / CLLC converter in the case that f s < f r , where f s is the switching frequency and f r is the resonant frequency; on the other hand, in the scenario of f s > f r …

Towards Grid of Microgrids: Seamless Transition between Grid-Connected and Islanded Modes of Operation

Authors: Silvanus D’silva, Mohammad Shadmand, Sertac Bayhan, Haitham Abu-Rub
Extended Abstract:
With the ever-increasing number of blackouts in distribution systems arising from a variety of natural and manmade disasters, the frequent and necessary isolation/reconnection of loads without power deviations/fluctuations has become an important issue. Grid of microgrids (MGs) is …

DCM-Based Bridgeless PFC Converter for EV Charging Application

Authors: Abhinandan Dixit; Karan Pande; Sivanagaraju Gangavarapu; Akshay Kumar Rathore
On-board battery chargers (OBC) are a crucial part of electric vehicle (EV) industry. OBC comprises of a two-stage structure where front-end converter is a power factor correction (PFC) unit and a back-end DC-DC converter which controls the …

Gate Drivers for Medium-Voltage SiC Devices

Authors: Anup Anurag, Sayan Acharya, Nithin Kolli and Subhashish Bhattacharya
Extended Abstract:
Extensive research in wide-bandgap material technology such as silicon carbide (SiC) has led to the development of medium voltage (MV) power semiconductor devices with blocking voltages of 3.3 kV to 15 kV. When these devices …