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Cloud and Edge Computing for Smart Management of Power Electronic Converter Fleets: A Key Connective Fabric to Enable the Green Transition

Authors: Daniel Gebbran; Alberto Barragán-Moreno; Pere Izquierdo Gómez; Ramadhani Kurniawan Subroto; Mohammad Mehdi Mardani; Miguel López; Javiera Quiroz; Tomislav Dragičević
Extended Abstract:
The increasing grid penetration of renewable energy generation, energy storage, and controllable electronic loads, such as electric vehicle (EV) chargers, motor drives, and electrolyzers, is …

An Overview on Medium Voltage Grid Integration of Ultra-Fast Charging Stations: Current Status and Future Trends

Authors: Adnan Ahmad, Zian Qin, Thiwanka Wijekoon and Pavol Bauer
Extended Abstract:
The shift towards electric mobility was initiated due to the emphasis on clean and green technologies and the curtailment of greenhouse gas emissions. As on-road electric vehicles (EVs) have grown exponentially over the last …

Investigation and Reduction of EMI Noise Due to the Reverse Recovery Currents of 50/60 Hz Diode Rectifiers

Authors: Zhedong Ma; Yiming Li; Shuo Wang; Honggang Sheng; Srikanth Lakshmikanthan
Extended Abstract:
Alternating current (AC) / direct current (DC) power converters with DC-bus filters can achieve high power density, however, it was found in this paper that the reverse recovery currents of the 50/60 Hz diode …

Recent Advances of Wind-Solar Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems for Power Generation: A Review

Authors: Pranoy Roy; JiangBiao He; Tiefu Zhao; Yash Veer Singh
Extended Abstract:
A hybrid renewable energy system (HRES) generally consists of two or more renewable energy sources with complementary power generation profiles, such as wind turbines and photovoltaic systems, along with a low-capacity energy storage system …

A Review on Application of Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Microgrids

Authors: Ebrahim Mohammadi, Mojtaba Alizadeh, Mohsen Asgarimoghaddam, Xiaoyu Wang, Marcelo Godoy Simões
Extended Abstract:
Fossil fuels with their environmental pollution and low efficiency impact the traditional and conventional power systems. These issues have been supporting a new paradigm of electricity generation locally at the distribution level, with …

Low-Voltage dc System Building Blocks: Integrated Power Flow Control and Short Circuit Protection

Authors: Pavel Purgat, Aditya Shekhar, Zian Qin, Pavol Bauer
Extended Abstract:
Sustainable power distribution for transportation, industry, and city infrastructure is a global-scale issue. Direct current (DC) power distribution increases system efficiency and reliability in systems with integrated storage, renewable energy, or variable-speed generators. This article gives …

A Comprehensive Review on Off-Grid and Hybrid Charging Systems for Electric Vehicles

Authors: Gautam Rituraj, Gautham Ram Chandra Mouli and Pavol Bauer
Extended Abstract:
In recent years, the research interest in off-grid (standalone mode) and hybrid (capable of both standalone and grid-connected modes) charging systems for electric vehicles (EVs) has increased. The main reason is to provide a seamless …

A Grid-Connected Converter Configuration for the Synergy of Battery-Supercapacitor Hybrid Storage and Renewable Energy Resources

Authors: Bhaskara Rao Ravada, Narsa Reddy Tummuru and Bala Naga Lingaiah Ande
Extended Abstract:

The integration of renewable power sources and energy storage using multiport converters is gaining immense attention. Appreciable research has been done and reported regarding the multiport converters. Among them, very few are related to the integration of supercapacitor-battery-based …

Hairpin Windings: An Opportunity for Next-Generation E-Motors in Transportation

Authors: Stefano Nuzzo, Davide Barater, Chris Gerada and Piermaria Vai
Extended Abstract:
The technological advancements in the field of both electrical machines and power electronics are extremely promising and seem permitting to achieve the demanding power density and efficiency levels required nowadays by the transportation sector. However, …

Open-Loop Synchronization Systems for Grid-Tied Power Converters: Literature Overview, Design Considerations, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Authors: S. Golestan, J. M. Guerrero, Y. Al-Turki, A. M. Abusorrah and J. C. Vasquez
Extended Abstract:
With the ever-increasing penetration of power electronics converters into power systems in recent years, grid connection codes have enforced more stringent requirements on these converters. Fulfilling these requirements using …